MyWoodPool smartphone app – facilitating purchasing process by innovative approach to wooden pool business

These are great times to be alive. Smart homes, self-driving cars, instant data sharing, VR technology, virtual shopping or fitness trackers. As we all know, despite of all these technological advancements and supply of goods generous as never before, making a purchasing decision (even a minor one) might be tough.

With all that in mind, Abatec is putting major emphasis on simplifying the purchasing process for end customers by introducing MyWoodPool – a smartphone application. The one and only such innovation on the market that leads a customer through the purchase from the very first step to placing an order. MyWoodPool, thanks to Augmented Reality technology, allows a customer to fully visualise the wooden pool in the place of his choice. A customer can virtually place a chosen model in a certain area just by pointing a camera at it. Application will automatically measure the site to check if the pool fits.


Next is personalisation. User can adjust colors, add a heat pump, corners, , covers or an RGB light.

Now a buyer is just a click away from a perfect wooden pool. All he has to do is press a specified button to get in touch with one of our dealers to complete the purchase.

MyWoodPool is a free app available on both Android and iOS.

Ge it now and design your summer with Abatec.

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