Frequently asked questions

Wooden pool - what is this?
How is it possible that you can fill the wooden pool with water?

This is possible thanks to the use of specialised pool elastic foil, so called liner. It fills the swimming pool and creates an impermeable layer that separates the pool wooden structure from the water.

How is it possible that the water does not overflow through the wood?

The water in the pool we should be maintained at a constant level. This level is approximately at half-height of the skimmer frame. It is not recommended to exceed this level, as the filter kit will not be able to perform its functions. In the case of filling the swimming pool with more water, it must be drained or otherwise removed. If you adhere to these recommendations, there is no possibility for the water to overflow.

Before installation
What is included with the swimming pool?

The swimming pools in our offer are sold with all necessary fittings required to use the pool. Such a kit includes: liner, geotextile, plastic retaining sections, skimmer, filtering kit with a pump, filtration sand, external stairs and internal ladder.

Installation and transport
How to install the embedded swimming pool?

The ground must be firm, flat and level (prepared in accordance with the instructions) and the area of the trench should be bigger to use the simple drainage system (drainage pipes, construction foil and geotextile).
In the fitting instructions you will find detailed information concerning embedded wooden structures. Please note that proper installation requires that the ground was flat and perfectly level, the walls free of live plants or their remains (roots, branches) and the embedded structure duly protected against the harmful effects of waste waters and groundwater. The perfect insulation for the wooden pool structure pool from the ground is the following measure: bubble foundation foil has direct contact with the structure (the water must be drained behind the structure and the foundation if available), the foil is placed behind the drainage pipe, gravel is the next layer (material which absorbs and drains water and humidity), and the last separation layer is geotextile. Appropriate wood protection guarantees the durability of the product.

Who performs the installation?

The pool can be installed on the basis of the supplied installation instructions for each model.
Note: Our offer also includes models that require concrete foundation, which must be made before the swimming pool installation (detailed drawings can be found in the manual or ordered free at Abatec before delivery).
Abatec does not provide installation services.

How long does the pool installation take? Is specialist knowledge required?

Smaller models can be installed in 1 day. The manual of each pool shows the estimated time required for the installation. The installation should be carried out by 2 adult persons in a sunny, calm day. The installation does not require specialist knowledge. Detailed instructions specify how to proceed step by step.

Does the pool have to be installed right after its purchase?

After unpacking the package the pool should be installed within 72 hours. During storage and assembly the wooden elements of the swimming pool must be stored in a dry and well ventilated area without exposing to direct sunlight and water (e.g. under a roof).

Can the offered swimming pools be disassembled after the season and reassembled later?

A swimming pool is a many-year product adapted to remain safe even off-season. Disassembly is possible, however it is highly risky and not recommended. Such action may result in damage to the screws used to install, structure components or other elements. The consequence of disassembly and improper storage may be no possibility of reassembly of the swimming pool. However, if it is necessary (e.g. the location change is required), it should be done very carefully, right after the disassembly.

Can the pool be transported by you?

Each product you have purchased may be received personally from our warehouse. However, we gladly organize transport services in order to deliver the product to the designated place using third party transport companies. The cost of delivery is determined individually, depending on the model and destination of the delivery. You should however note that the swimming pool pallet sizes are not standard – it is often required to use larger trucks or forklift trucks. Please contact our staff to discuss the details.

Keeping the water clean
How to care for the water in the pool?

The water in the pool must be used primarily with an appropriate pool chemistry. It does not require any special knowledge, you simply need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition, you will find a many additional products on the market to facilitate the current care of the swimming pool interior (such as specialized sponges, brushes, vacuum cleaners) and checking the status of the water purity (e.g. test strips or electronic testers). You should also remember about regular emptying the skimmer basket and periodic filter flushing. In addition we also recommend pool covers in summer or winter versions, that protect the pool against pollution.

How often should the water be changed?

When the pool chemistry is properly applied and the cleanliness taken care of, there is no need to change the water in the pool. You should only remember to refill the water to the level marked in the manual so that the filter kit worked properly.

How to protect the water in the pool against insects and leaves?

First of all we recommend that the the pool is located in a distance from the trees. In addition the winter and summer covers tailored to the pool should help secure the swimming pool from insects and leaves. It is a solution that can be applied when the pool is not in use. To remove leaves and insects that fell into the water, we recommend vacuum cleaners or inexpensive nets on telescopic handles.

Should the water be left or pumped out in the winter period?

You do not need to empty the swimming pool in the winter. Moreover it is not recommended to leave the structure empty for some time, as it may be subject to processes of deformation. Lower the water level before the season and prepare the swimming pool for winter as indicated. (Please refer to the explanations in point: how to secure the swimming pool for the winter? )

Which method of water treatment in the swimming pool is more effective - oxygen- or chlorine-based?

In our opinion the chlorine method is more effective, but not everyone likes the smell of chlorine, what is more, people allergic to chlorine compounds cannot enjoy pools with chlorinated water. Alternatively you can use the oxygen method, the ingredients of which destroy microbes, algae contained in water, etc. An indisputable advantages of the oxygen method are: the possibility to use the swimming pool in much shorter time than in the case of chlorine-based preparations; no need to inhale the smell of chlorine; speed and versatility of the action.

How much water should be poured in the pool?

On the first page of each fitting instructions for the swimming pool there is an approximate value of the pool capacity. The water level in the pool should be reach approximately the half of the skimmer frame, so that the filtration system could work correctly.

Can you fill the swimming pool with seawater?

It is not possible to use seawater in the swimming pool, as the liner or the filtering system is not adapted to use it. Salt water can damage the filter pump elements.

Does the chlorine used to disinfect water affect the wood structure?

Chlorine with the concentration used in swimming pools is not a serious threat to the structure of the wood. Annual maintenance with wood protection measures sufficiently protects the wood from the pool chemistry. We recommend Lazura olejna available in our offer, designed specifically for the protection of wooden swimming pool structure that creates a protective coating on the wood surface.

What is the fastest method to heat the water in the pool?

Of course you can use conventional heat sources, but it may involve increased costs of operation e.g. of the boiler heating and possible modification of the heating installation. Seasonal pools are used in favourable conditions – in warm season, therefore the natural solution are the systems based on Renewable Energy Sources. You can primarily use solar collectors and heat pumps. It should be noted that the greatest demand for heat will occur during the pre-heating of the pool water, when the structure is filled with fresh water – at the beginning of the season or after possible water change.

Before purchase
What surface is required for the installation of the pool?

The surface required for the installation of the swimming pool is dependent on the selected model. Our website and our catalogue contains illustrative drawings with the dimensions of the structures and at least 20cm have to be added to these dimensions. Precise technical drawings are available on request. Please note that there must be some place left for the access and stairs at the swimming ground pool on one side and for the filtration system on the other. Additional attachments such as heat pump, automatic dosing stations or the filtration system box (available in our offer) also require proper space.

Where can the swimming pool be installed?

Wooden swimming pools can be fitted on the outside (e.g. in the garden, in front of the house) but also indoors – e.g. in the basement. It is important to select an appropriately secure structure and a room suitable for this type of attractions (ventilation, lighting, appropriate ground). An unquestionable advantage of our swimming pools is the fact, that it is possible to install them on the surface and also partially or completely underground. The choice is yours according to your preferences and capabilities.

Can you install the swimming pool under a roof?

Of course, the swimming pool can be installed under a roof, if the following conditions are met:
– the ground for the swimming pool is prepared in accordance with the attached instructions,
– the roof dimensions are appropriate for the swimming pool,
– the roof design is stable and safe for the pool users.
Please note that water heats up slower in a shaded pool.

Can the swimming pool can be completely embedded in the ground?

Of course, the swimming pool can be embedded completely. In that case you must additionally secure the swimming pool structure. Before installing the embedded structure we recommend coating all components with oil or wood oil finish to increase the level of protection (correct oil is available in our offer). The trench should be slightly larger than the pool dimensions in order to properly prepare stable, flat and firm ground, apply the drainage pipes and water storage layer (gravel or sand) and insulating foil that additionally protects the structure from groundwater. The insulation and structure embedding should be carried out in accordance with the accompanying pool documentation. Pump and filter elements can be located max 1.3 m above the pool bottom level, not further than 2 meters away from the wall with filtering elements (skimmer).

Can you embed the the attachment boxes in the ground?

We offer a box that can be embedded in the ground – the professional lux box. It is made of such elements as the swimming pool structure (thickness 45mm) and protected by pressure impregnation to 4. class. As in the case of the embedded pool, the box should be also oiled before embedding and the trench should be identical as for the embedded pool (construction foil, gravel layer, etc.)

Can the swimming pool be installed in the house (basement, terrace)?

Yes, Abatec pools may be installed inside house. When selecting the installation location you need to remember that the swimming pool filled with water may weigh several tons, therefore the floor must be durable, the supply or existing installations should be certified for contact with water (such as in the bathrooms, terraces) and the ventilation should have an enhanced performance, as the large surface of warm water vaporizes. You should also take into account the possible need to drain the water. For the houses and enclosed spaces we recommend the Lux range models with enhanced protection and more attractive appearance.

How and when to build a concrete base for the pool that requires it?

The concrete base should be built before the installation. The instructions that come with the purchased swimming pool are accurate guidelines for your model. The wooden installation design is possible after concentration and obtaining strength by the concrete used to build the concrete base (approx. 2 days – or according to the concrete manufacturer).

Is the whole swimming pool structure made of wood?

The pool structure is made of pine wood from Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Larger pools require supporting the steel structure with provided brackets, which are masked by wooden elements.

What kind of wood is the swimming pool made of and why?

The swimming pool is made of Scots pine (Pinus Sylvestris), which is a perfect raw material for such structures. The wood comes from well-managed and certified forests in Scandinavian and Baltic countries. The wood from the north has smaller annual increments, therefore it has a higher density, which translates directly into its hardness and as a consequence to the durability of our products. Is its more biologically and mechanically resistant and has nicer knots. In addition, deliveries from countries such as Sweden are safe in terms of repetitive normative quality, which allows us to maintain a constant high level of our products. This is an optimal choice of quality in relation to the price.

Is it cheaper to embed the pool in the ground or put it on the ground? Which solution is better?

It is cheaper to put the pool on the ground, however the difference is really small (additional works related to trenching, construction foil and geotextile, a piece of drainage pipe and using some sand or gravel). One of the advantages of our swimming pools is that it can adapted according to the preferences of the customer. From the technical point of view it has no great importance.

How to look after the wooden structure?

There is nothing more attractive than neat wooden elements of the small architecture in the garden, therefore you should clean and maintain all wooden products in the garden – including the swimming pool. Maintaining the condition of the structure begins well before the installation – the pool elements should be properly stored (always with air flow, protected from direct weather conditions). After unpacking the elements of the package are recommended to be installed immediately. At the time of purchase the pool structure is impregnated with a vacuum-pressure method in the natural chromium-free environment. This is the most effective method for wood impregnation against biological agents in the form of fungi, mould, algae and insects. Such impregnation is not effective, however, against the UV light and weather conditions. In order to protect wood against weather conditions, it is recommended to finish the wooden swimming pool surface with preparations used to protect wood structures. The best preparation available on the market and used with swimming pool structures is LAZURA OLEJNA (oil finish) from the reputable Osmo company, specially designed for the wooden swimming pools. The installed swimming pool must be renovated at least once per year.

How often should wood be maintained and with what?

Wood must be maintained once per year – it is a condition of maintaining the 5-year warranty. In the case of swimming pools in exceptionally unfavourable conditions (wrong location, big and rapid changes in temperature and humidity, etc.) more frequent renovation may be required. We recommend LAZURA OLEJNA from Osmo, developed specifically for pressure-impregnated wooden swimming pools (but also for other applications), available in our offer. Secure and efficient formula based on natural oils perfectly refreshes the structure of the swimming pool and protects against biological hazards, variable weather conditions and photo-ageing. You can also use other products available on the market and dedicated to outdoor wood applications.

How to secure the swimming pool for the winter?

The structure of the swimming pool itself requires no special preparation.

The first step is to drain the water from the pool below the skimmer level and remove all the water from the filtering system by opening the drain valve. In the winter the filter pump must be kept in a warm room.


By default, in order to achieve the best water filtration, the supply nozzles are installed on third/fourth layer of the structure. Therefore in the countries where the risk of freezing and damaging plastic components is big, two solutions are recommended:

– at the structure installation place a board with the hole on the supply nozzle on one of the higher layers and securing the swimming pool for winter, always empty the water below the level of the nozzle, or

– use special blinds for supply nozzles that cut-off water supply to their interior. You should also remember about proper dehumidification of the nozzle from the outside.

In order to protect the pool walls from damage by expanding ice, we recommend placing several objects in the pool that are able to absorb the force of expanding ice, e.g. empty plastic bottles. We also recommend adding the pool chemistry to the remaining water for the winter. Proportions according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

At the end of the season remove the internal ladder from the pool, as leaving it inside may damage it and make it impossible to use the possible winter cover.

We also recommend the use of pool covers to prevent contamination of the pool.

Does the climate impact the wood of the swimming pool?

Our swimming pools are manufactured from certified north pine wood of the highest quality. Wood used for the swimming pools is dried and undergoes pressure impregnation process, which stabilizes the structure and protects it against biological hazards (fungi, mould, insects). However, you should be aware that the wood is a natural raw material, susceptible in some degree to the influence of weather conditions in any climate zone. In order to minimise the wood ageing process an annual maintenance is required that protects the structure, renews the wood and allows for maintaining of its resistance and charm for many years. The best preparation available on the market and used to care for the swimming pool structures is LAZURA OLEJNA (oil finish) from the reputable Osmo company, specially designed for the wooden swimming pools.

Usage, accessories., etc.
What accessories are required for the pool? How much do they cost?

The most important factor in care is chemistry – you can choose chlorine or oxygen products for correct measure dosage. To verify the condition of the water we use test strips or more advanced electronic testers. In addition, it is worth to have some cleaning equipment: a sponge, a brush, a vacuum cleaner, a telescopic rod with a net. We particularly recommend boxes protecting filter sets, protective corners for the terrace boards, lighting and covers adapted to the season.

As in the case of cars – the additional equipment may be basic and cheaper or advanced and expensive – it depends on the buyer.

Can you install additional equipment such as counter-current?

Yes, you can install additional equipment, such as lights, counter-current, etc. At the purchase make sure that an element is compatible with wooden pools.

How durable is the swimming pool?

Wood is one of the oldest, but also extremely durable construction materials, and wooden houses in the Nordic countries are used by successive generations. With the annual maintenance and adherence to the principles of proper installation and use you can enjoy the swimming pool for many years. Standard warranty for the structure is granted for a period of 5 years, but the swimming pools in our test yard stand for a dozen years and are in a great condition.

What does the warranty cover and in what period?

The warranty for the wooden structure is granted for 5 years and 1 year for the filter kit.

Does the swimming pool have to be removed and stored in a special way during winter time?

One of the advantages of wooden swimming pools is their durability. Thanks to that you do not remove the pool during the winter. It is recommended to do the annual maintenance using selected wood protectors. We recommend Lazura Olejna. More information about the preparation for the winter can be found in the response to the question “How to prepare the pool for the winter?”

Is it possible to order the pool with specific dimensions or by individual project?

The company uses well defined models that are proven theoretically and practically and manufactured industrially in a highly controlled process. This allows for the professional manufacture of the highest quality products at a reasonable price. In our offer there are different shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone.

We do not manufacture pools with custom dimensions nor in accordance with an individual design (except for wholesale) orders).

How long do I need to wait for the pool after the purchase?

It takes about 2-4 weeks to complete the order plus the transport time.

Are the offered corners (option) a decoration or are they required?

The corners for terrace boards have a protective, stabilising and aesthetic function. With the connections of the terrace boards they reduce the risk of injury to the users of the swimming pool. The corners stabilise two independently operating elements of the terrace, fitting them on the same level, and they strengthen the crown of the swimming pool and of course look beautifully. Stainless steel corners add a prestigious and luxurious finish – like aluminium rims ?

Is it easy to damage the pool foil? How can it be repaired in case of damage?

In normal use there is no possibility to damage the pool foil. However, if the user of the pool enters the water with sharp objects, they can damage the liner. In the case of small crack in the continuity of the foil it can be repaired using the repair kit or other specific product intended for this type of tasks. In the case of large liner surface damage (which extremely rare) it has to be replaced.

What is the operation and maintenance of the filtration package?

The operation of the filtration package is to ensure the proper performance of the entire set, which can be achieved through periodic maintenance. The maintenance of the filtration package covers cleaning the skimmer, pump or the filtration tank. This is the activity that allows you to keep the nominal operating parameters of the entire set and positively influence the life of the product. Detailed maintenance activities or a description of any problems the user may encounter while using the filtering package can be found in our “Pool maintenance and use guide”.

What is the average monthly / annual pool maintenance cost?

The average monthly or annual pool maintenance cost is difficult to estimate, because it is dependent on many factors such as the size of the pool, frequency of use, the use of covers (winter, summer), the preparations applied to the water (type and quality) and even the precipitation in a given period, pool location and in particular the needs and preferences of the customer.

How can you convince me to buy your product? How is it better than the competition?

Abatec company has been present on the market for over 20 years and is one of the biggest professional manufacturers of wooden pools in Europe. With high qualifications of our staff, modern machinery and our own know-how we create unique, safe and durable constructions which we supply in many European countries, such as Germany, France, Switzerland or Italy. Our pools are made with the utmost care, using high quality, certified raw materials from Scandinavia. We conduct development research, we cooperate with universities and improve our existing models. We introduce many improvements and changes to our swimming pools to make them the best in their category. The highest quality raw material, stainless steel fittings, anti-slip stairs, structures safe for the children, unique method of wood impregnation are just a few examples of the features of our prestigious products. We sell products which are reliable, beautiful, natural and safe, ready for use after the assembly. Our swimming pools, compared to other products on the market, are of the highest quality, easy to install, offered at affordable prices and with full equipment. The quality is simply there.

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