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Abatec drewniany basen z drabinką

Join our partnership network and start a new, profitable business on becoming a distributor and/or installer of top-quality Abatec wooden pools! We fully support you with top-class products, technical expertise and marketing resources. We can also offer you what matters the most in business – trust and reliability. Check out our dealership offer today!

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Abatec Szczegółowa dokumentacja
Multi-language documentation

All of our swimming pools are delivered with high detailed, multi-language manuals. That makes your life a lot easier as elements identification and assembly process is very straight forward.

Abatec Dostawa Zawsze na czas
On-time delivery

We value your precious time and perfectly understand that time is money. Therefore, we are pretty obsessive about the deadlines. You will always get your delivery on time. Period.

Abatec Solidny partner biznesowy
We speak your language!

Well, French and English, to be exact. It’s easier to order products, spare parts or just to talk about business.

Abatec Dobrze zaplanowana logistyka
Smart Logistics

We deliver selected pool models on pallets where maximum dimensions are not exceeding 2.4 meters, to fit most trucks and shipping containers. All elements are well protected and prepared for long term storage.

Abatec Elastyczna polityka cenowa akcesoria basenowe
Flexible pricing

You are receiving a complete pool kit. Package includes a full set of equipment necessary: filters, pumps, ladders and piping. Customers can also opt-in for specific configuration and pricing.

Magazyn z basenami Wsparcie marketingowe
Marketing materials

We help you with the best product positioning on the market. You will receive full marketing support including high-quality brochures and leaflets, photographs and technical drawings..

Abatec dom z basenem w ogrodzie
Custom pool designs

Do you want to stand out among your competitors? We can help you with designing and producing unique and custom pool sizes or shapes. You will be sure that your clients will find those models only in your stores. Reach out to us and learn more about our production capabilities.

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