European leader in
above ground wooden pools

Abatec is one of the biggest wooden pools manufacturers in Europe. We deliver thousands of top-quality wooden pools annually to our customers all over the World. Our destinations include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, The South African Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom. The list is constantly growing.

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lineal meters of timber processed every season
Production facilities [m2 ]
Pool models
Certificates and awards
Passion for craftsmanship

It all started in 2001 in a small workshop in Poland. Thanks to our passion and continuous growth, a small family-owned company became one of the biggest wooden pools manufacturers in Europe.

Designing for the Future

What we care the most, while designing our swimming pools, is users experience. Our in-house design team is constantly working on new and custom pool designs to make them even more beautiful and last longer.

Obsessed with Quality

Quality of our swimming pools is assured every time. On top of that, we are constantly investing in top class production equipment and researching the newest trends in wood processing and protection.

Abatec Production Facility

Built with Precision

All of Abatec swimming pools wooden elements are machined in a modern state-of-art production facility. The process includes precise computer-controlled CNC machining.

Modern Wood Protection

All elements of Abatec wooden pools are vacuum-pressure impregnated in an industry-class autoclave. Our Premium line pools are also factory oil-protected.

Sustainable Drying Facility

We care about the environment. Our new, state-of-the-art drying facility utilizes heat produced from burning wood processing waste, yielding energy savings.


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