Above Ground
Pool Inspirations

There are several ways our wooden pools can be installed – outside or inside, free-standing or in-ground. Please find a few swimming pool design inspirations below.


Abatec drewniany basen z drabinką na tarasie

Classic configuration. It doesn`t require deep excavations or specialized groundworks. This option is also the safest one if you have small children.

Children safety


Abatec drewniany basen z metalową drabinką w ogrodzie. Klasyczna konfiguracja basenu

Classic pool setup. Perfect if you wish to blend in your pool structure into garden landscape design. It might also increase the value of your house.


Abatec drewniany basen. Bardzo efektowny sposób instalacji

Are you looking for terrace swimming pool ideas? Enjoy having a swimming pool in your small terrace with this wooden pool that doesn’t occupy much space and is surrounded by wooden floors and surfaces.


Abatec kryty basen

We also have an option for demanding customers who would opt for an indoor pool. With this idea, you will require an extra wood protection though. We have a proven solution for you.

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Abatec Wyposażenie standardowe

Standard equipment

All wooden pools from Abatec come with all equipment necessary for build and operation – from stairs and ladders to water purification devices. And all that come included in price!

Optional equipment

Give your pool some additional touch and extra protection with our great range of optional products.
Enjoy swimming and fun even when the temperature drops.

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