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Wooden Pool Filtration Enclosures

Securely house your pool filtration and heating and prevent children from accessing them. Single and Double front doors. Pool filter enclosures are available both in Standard and Premium finishes. Premium version is suitable for in-ground installation.

without back wall
abatec kufer Professional LUX
Professional LUX
with back wall
Professional LUX
with back wall

Extra Strength and Safety

Get extra covers and add more structural strength to your pool’s crown. Smoothen corners of the wooden top deck and add a classy look to your pool. This option is available in standard plastic and luxury stainless steel outfits.

Pool protection

Abatec Przykrycie solarne
Summer Solar Cover

Using pool covers can save you money, reduce pool maintenance, and make your pool more comfortable to swim in. Our solar pool cover protects from water evaporation, raises water temperature (even by 6°C) and inhibits the growth of algae (UV filter).

Abatec Przykrycie zimowe
Winter Debris Cover

Winter pool cover will keep your pool clean and sheltered from atmospheric agents throughout the whole period in which it is not in use. Durable fabric effectively protects the pool from pollution and harsh weather conditions.

Heating System

If you are looking to heat your wooden pool, we have an excellent solution for you. Extend your pool joy beyond sunny days, when the temperature drops.

Abatec Ogrzewanie basenu

Pool Lighting

Bring special magic to your pool at night! Our quality waterproof LED pool lighting comes in two versions: white and multicolour.

Abatec Oświetlenie basenu
Did you know?

All equipment necessary for build and operation comes standard with your pool.

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