Pool filter enclosure

The pool consists of numerous elements, including a filter that is situated outside. In order to secure it against external factors, special chest-like enclosures are used.
As a rule they are adapted to the pool structure, using the same materials.
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The pool filter enclosure may be open (without a rear wall) or closed (with a rear wall).
There are also soundproof metal enclosures which reduce noise of the water pump by up to 70-80%.

ABATEC offers two models of the pool filter enclosure. The Standard variant is an enclosure devoid of a rear wall, while the Professional LUX version comes with a rear wall. To produce them, we use top-quality pinewood obtained primarily from Scandinavia. 

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Pool filter enclosure

The enclosures differ in terms of size, wood thickness and type of closure. With regard to small pools with lower filtration, Standard chests perform best, while large models with higher filtration go best with Professional LUX items.

The Standard chest is available as an impregnated item.

The Professional LUX equivalent comes in two finishing variants – impregnated to class IV – applicable to Standard products, and oiled – adapted to the PREMIUM collection.


Pool filter enclosures – ABATEC

ABATEC’s pool filter enclosures prove to be reliable and are available in a classic design. They integrate into any space, being simultaneously useful and decorative. Thanks to high-quality materials and solid manufacture, they will serve you for many years with no need to repair particular elements. The Scandinavian wood is known for its outstanding hardness, which may deaden sounds emitted by inside machines. All pool filter enclosures are covered by a 5-year guarantee.

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ABATEC wooden garden pools are equipped with a set of elements necessary for construction and operation – from steps and ladders to water purification devices. And it’s all included in the price.


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What to pay attention to when choosing a pool filter enclosure?

If you decide to choose a pool filter enclosure, at first you have to check its size and compare it with the pool equipment which you would like to place inside. Please remember to keep a convenient and safe access to filtering units from the top and side, and to assure suitable air circulation. Assessment of door functionality and adjustment of the chest to the specific place are also crucial.

It is advisable to focus on the materials used to manufacture the chest to be sure the adopted solutions are reliable. This is important to people who have children and in the case of chests that are going to be exposed to unfavorable weather conditions. Sunshades of pool filter enclosures ought to be additionally secured, for example through a bent sheet in any color, adapted to their size. This is going to improve aesthetics of the chest as well as secure elements that are highly exposed to harmful impact of sunlight.

Similar to pools, it is also important that wooden chests are subject to a yearly maintenance on the basis of high-quality preservatives for wood used outdoors.

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