Solar pool cover


Thanks to this solution, you can save on water and heating bills as well as contribute to protection of the natural environment.

A solar pool cover is used to protect the pool against such pollutants as leaves, branches and insects.
Solar pool cover can also be used to preheat water in the pool and keep the accumulated heat.
Using the cover, you can considerably reduce the amount of chlorine used to purify water as well as prevent its quick decomposition under the influence of UV radiation.

Solar pool cover

ABATEC’s offer includes solar pool covers made of a thick PE film with air bubbles. We sell goods made by trustworthy manufacturers who guarantee reliability and durability. 

Reliable solar pool covers

Once you have specified the pool model, our specialists will choose the perfect summer pool cover for you. Please remember that the pool will also need to be secured in winter, thus do not forget to purchase the cover for cold days.


Solar pool covers ABATEC

Please be advised that ABATEC pools go best with solar pool covers from our offer. These are reliable summer solutions that provide top comfort of use. Thanks to ideally adapted size and small weight, you can easily arrange them on the water surface and then roll up on your own. What makes them unique is high air-tightness. In effect you can forget about water heat loss and water heating.

Do you know that...

ABATEC wooden garden pools are equipped with a set of elements necessary for construction and operation – from steps and ladders to water purification devices. And it’s all included in the price.

See what comes in standard

Solar cover for above-ground pool – what to choose?

Choosing the solar cover for an above-ground pool, you have to consider the size and shape of the pool. The cover is positioned directly on the water surface, so it must not be too small or too large. It is usually composed of a double film in a dark blue color, filled with air bubbles. If the weather is favorable, it can raise the water temperature by up to 7°C. It also prevents emergence of algae and water steaming, lowering it by 85%.

In case of any additional questions, please contact us. Our specialists will advise you on what solar pool cover to choose and tell you how to store it to make sure it remains useful in seasons to come.

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