Winter pool cover

The winter pool cover is aimed at protecting the pool structure against unfavorable weather.
It also secures against such pollutants as leaves, branches or insects.
It usually takes a form of a water-resistant curtain but can come as a wooden or metal cover.
drewniany basen ogrodowy abatec
Depending on the material used, they are more or less easy to assemble and disassemble, yet their role remains unchanged.

ABATEC’s offer includes winter pool covers made of PES 1100 dtex fabric which performs well in the most difficult conditions. This material is highly durable, resistant to abrasion and tear as well as other mechanical damage.

The most durable winter pool covers on the market

Winter cover for an above-ground pool – what to choose?

The winter cover for the above-ground pool must depend on the size and shape of the pool. The bigger the structure, the more solid the cover. It is because it may collapse under snow, damaging particular pieces of the pool equipment. As for small pools, an ordinary PE or vinyl cover is enough. Alternatively you can choose covers with holes for ropes.

Do you know that...

We cooperate only with reliable manufacturers, thus our products are of high quality and useful. In order to choose the perfect winter cover, all you need to do is specify the pool model and our experts will take care of all other things.


See what comes in standard

Winter pool cover ABATEC

ABATEC pools go best with winter pool covers available in our offer. We put much emphasis on this selection, so if you decide to purchase them, you can be sure your choice cannot be better. What makes our winter covers unique is their easy installation. All you need to do is stretch the curtain in the pool and attach to side edges with the use of hooks and string supplied.

In case of any additional questions,please contact us. Our specialists will advise you on what winter pool cover to choose and tell you how to store it to make sure it remains useful in seasons to come.

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