It’s finally here! The wait is over!

Author: Łukasz Młynarz

We have been waiting for this moment for such a loooooong time. It is finally here and we are super excited to be sharing all our knowledge and experience with you not only across our social media channels but also here, on our website.

There is a lot to come. We are starting with this animated Frequently Asked Questions video series about our wooden pools. 44 questions, 44 answers. Pretty solid stuff. Also a Video Guide where one of our collagues is talking about wooden pools, how to make a good use of chemicals to keep your water safe and healthy and about most common accessories that every pool owner should have
to make his life easier 😉

You will read about news from our industry, various trade fairs, investments and improvements to our production site, expansion, goals and our mission to conquer other markets, such as… 😉

Stay with us. We will be posting twice a month or once every three weeks. We are visitng a trade fair in Dubai so there will be a coverage from there.

In the meantime please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels. Especially we recommend our YouTube channel where you will find a ton of useful videos.

So… get dressed accordingly and dive into this beautiful and natural world of wooden swimming pools.

Shall we?

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