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7 Features to Consider for Your Swimming Pool
Upgrade your wooden pool with LED lighting, advanced heat pumps, and more. Learn about 7 innovative features that add value and enjoyment, making your swimming experience truly exceptional!
Building a Solid Base
Discover the secrets behind setting up a sturdy foundation for your wooden swimming pool. From concrete-free solutions to traditional concrete screed methods, explore two distinct approaches tailored to your pool size and preferences. Choose the right foundation for lasting stability and peace of mind.
DIY vs. Professional Pool Care: When to Call in the Experts
Explore the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, learn when it's time to seek expert help, and gain insights into maintaining a sparkling, trouble-free swimming pool. Make an informed choice for your pool's well-being.
Preparing Your Pool for the Cold Season
Learn how to protect your pool from winter's harsh conditions with our step-by-step guide on draining, cleaning, chemical balancing, and covering, aimed at minimizing damage and maximizing lifespan.
Health through Water: Why Is Water Vital for Your Well-Being?
Dive into the rich tapestry of history and discover how water has been the cornerstone of wellness across cultures. From the ancient Roman baths to the therapeutic onsens of Japan, explore water's transformative power on both body and soul. Embrace the essence of water, humanity's timeless elixir for health and tranquility.
Small Spaces, No Problem – The Wooden Spool
Smaller than a traditional pool but larger than a spa, spools are particularly well-suited to urban environments and properties with limited outdoor space.
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