Video guide about wooden pools

Author: Łukasz Młynarz

The video guide is an original series in which you will learn:

How to look after your pool
How, when and which chemicals should you use in order to keep your water clean and healthy
What are the most common and must-have accessories you should have

and many, many more.

More videos coming soon. So far we have created 7 episodes.

First goes a short movie about this cover roller.

What does the roller actually do?
First of all it saves a lot of time. Second of all it reduces the risk of damaging the cover when removing from the pool and also when unfolding.
It’s simple, fast and convenient. Period.

The roller is a very good solution and is becoming more and more popular.
I saw it, tested it myself and definitely recommend it.

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Check out other videos on our YouTube channel.
Let us know what topic you are missing, what we should check
and we will try to do it and show it.

Best regards!
Abatec Pools

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