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10 Energy Saving Tips for Pool Owners
Dive in to discover how you can make your pool more energy-efficient and eco-friendly!
10 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Wooden Pool
In this article, we will delve into the numerous benefits of wooden pools, making a compelling case for why you should consider a wooden swimming pool as your ultimate choice for a remarkable and sustainable addition to your outdoor space.
What surface is required for the installation of the pool
There it is, another (third) episode from our animated video series Frequently Asked Questions. Today we are going to talk about the surface. The surface for you pool.
How is it possible that water does not go through the wood?
We are presenting a second episode from this animated series Frequently Asked Questions about our wooden swimming pools. We are hoping that we brought all the answers you were looking for. Let us know in the comments section :)
Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to this animated video series that will answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about our wooden pools. We hope we have covered all the questions that you sent to us, in case we missed something and you want to find out - submit your question in the comments section, let us know and we will do our best to asnwer with another video.
Video guide about wooden pools
Original video series in which we cover various topics related to wooden pools, chemicals to keep the water clean and we present various accessories that will be useful when using the pool. Enjoy!
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